Jennifer lives on the South coast of England with her husband Paul and their two grown children Callum and Devon. She gave up work in 2015 to become a full time artist when the desire to paint was all consuming.

With a self styled approach and free from the rigour of formal training she has spent many hours perfecting the art and application of soft pastels onto paper, creating a large collection of mainly seascape paintings in all their moody powerful glory. The simpleness of soft pastels, no preparation just pick them up and off you go is what draws her to this medium and the bigger the paper the better! Jennifer and her husband enjoy walking as much as possible and this is where most of her inspiration comes from. She takes hundreds of pictures on every walk and already has a life time of material in her head to paint, she says she doesn't think she will ever have enough hours.

As a child Jennifer spent a lot of time with her family at the beach, not in the water with the others but hunting for treasures in the rocks and sand. Her fascination with nature then was in the detail of a feather or the pattern on an egg shell. Now her passion for the natural world runs much deeper and she wants to capture every beautiful image and share it on paper. Art touches and moves people more than we realise and Jennifer is hopeful that in the future she can paint to move people into thinking in a more protective and caring way about the planet and how we treat it.

Her ambition is to create the largest scale paintings she can manage to convey the magnitude of all the beauty around us that we take for granted.